3 miles in a glorious 49F. Switched back to my Sauconys after a couple of months running in the Mizunos. It’s notable how lightweight the Sauconys are. I did this because I suspect the shoes are causing some of my leg issues.

10 miles of a planned 16. I’m extremely disappointed I wasn’t able to complete the full run. I’ve been dealing with hamstring pain in my left leg and today it flared up at mile 5 and started radiating up to my lower back and down to my heel. More soon.

Yesterday’s long run was my first run with the Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + LTE, Nike+ edition. I’ve been running with my Series 0 Apple Watch since 2015 but I always carried my phone with me. I have a giant iPhone 6s Plus and it’s annoying to carry, even using the SPIBelt.

The previous watches were a step better with built-in GPS but sometimes I am gone running for 1-3 hours at a time and I like to be able to get in touch with family if I need help. Up until Thursday, when Apple released the Series 3 Nike+ version, I would always need to carry my phone so I had a way to contact someone.

With the GPS + LTE option on the Series 3 watches, I can finally ditch my phone.

But it’s not perfect.

My run yesterday took 3 hours total and during that time I had the following enabled or turned on:

  • LTE
  • Workout app running (tracking my run)
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Bluetooth enabled with headphones connected
  • Music playing (saved to device)

Basically, all of the default settings. I did not have the Workout Power Saving Mode enabled.

I glanced at my watch every mile or two, let’s say. Not too often. The screen was mostly unused over the three hours.

The result? At the end of my run I had 33% battery remaining. Not perfect but still pretty good considering what the watch is doing during that time.

(If I was a sub-3 marathoner (not even close) this might be enough. But I’m not, and it’s not.)

For my runs that go longer than 3 hours I’ll likely use the Workout Power Saving Mode, which turns off the celluar connection and heart rate sensor. No one will be able to reach me but I will be able to easily enable LTE and call or text someone if I need help.

15 miles for the long run today. This marks my longest run ever (previously 13.1), which is a major accomplishment for me but still not the ultimate goal. Today’s run started in the dark with a headlamp and ended with sunglasses in the sunshine. Also: ouch.

4 miles this morning out of a planned 7 miles. I’ve been dealing with sore legs (beyond normal soreness) and a slightly aggravated left hamstring. I’m trying to keep building miles while staying healthy. Tomorrow I’ll do 3 more miles to get my 7 and keep moving up in miles.

My new Apple Watch Nike edition shipped and should be here on Thursday. I’m looking forward to trying out the new cellular capability on my weekend long run. I hope I’ll never have to take my phone again.

3 miles this morning. The first run of the week is always a little rough in the beginning as I get loose again. We are back to warmer temps in the morning. It’s fine for 3 miles but tomorrow is 8.

10 miles today in a step-back for the long run. I ran after sunrise but it was in the 60s so it felt good. When it’s cooler I definitely drink more water than Gatorade Endurance. It’s Fall but Austin still plans to bring the heat next week.

Took an extra rest day today. My legs need a slight reprieve. Going to stretch and talk nice to them over the next couple days.

Today was my first run using the built-in Apple Workout app on my Apple Watch. For more than a year I’ve used Strava on my phone and watch. I switched for two reasons: the Strava app is buggy, and the Workout app gives you stop/pause access via the Digital Crown and the other button (whatever it’s called). If you’ve ever tried to use your Apple Watch with wet or sweaty hands than you know why this matters.

13.1 miles or exactly a half marathon for this week’s long run. I guess that means I’m almost halfway through my training. I got a later start (8am) so th temps weren’t on my side. This made for a tougher run and one time where I had to pull back because I was overheated.

Today is a (much needed) rest day. My only planned physical activity is my daily walk to my office. Strava shows 12 miles for the week, with another 13 planned for tomorrow’s long run. That’d be my biggest total miles logged in a single week. My legs definitely feel it.

I’m feeling the wear on my legs. Just generally tired and aching. As I get close the halfway point of the training schedule, I think my legs are hitting normal capacity and now working to get stronger.

6 miles this morning for the longer of my 3 weekday runs. I got an earlier start (shortly before 6) than usual because I was awake anyway. It’s hot again here in Austin. At 6 AM the temperature was 77 degrees. That makes for a tough run, even in the dark.

3 miles today in the warm, humid morning air. Some extra stretching afterward because my legs are really starting to feel the miles.

A popular anti-chafe salve in the trail running community is Squirrel’s Nut Butter. That’s how I found out about it. I picked up a tin to try for long runs. It’s greasy, unlike Body Glide, but does a nice job on spots that Body Glide doesn’t.

12 miles for the long run today. I saw that that temps were not going to get very low so I decided to get up early (for a weekend) and start at 6 AM. Running in the dark but cloud cover after sunrise meant the 75 degree temp was tolerable.