3 Hour Run with Series 3 Nike+ Apple Watch (with LTE)

Yesterday’s long run was my first run with the Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + LTE, Nike+ edition. I’ve been running with my Series 0 Apple Watch since 2015 but I always carried my phone with me. I have a giant iPhone 6s Plus and it’s annoying to carry, even using the SPIBelt.

The previous watches were a step better with built-in GPS but sometimes I am gone running for 1-3 hours at a time and I like to be able to get in touch with family if I need help. Up until Thursday, when Apple released the Series 3 Nike+ version, I would always need to carry my phone so I had a way to contact someone.

With the GPS + LTE option on the Series 3 watches, I can finally ditch my phone.

But it’s not perfect.

My run yesterday took 3 hours total and during that time I had the following enabled or turned on:

  • LTE
  • Workout app running (tracking my run)
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Bluetooth enabled with headphones connected
  • Music playing (saved to device)

Basically, all of the default settings. I did not have the Workout Power Saving Mode enabled.

I glanced at my watch every mile or two, let’s say. Not too often. The screen was mostly unused over the three hours.

The result? At the end of my run I had 33% battery remaining. Not perfect but still pretty good considering what the watch is doing during that time.

(If I was a sub-3 marathoner (not even close) this might be enough. But I’m not, and it’s not.)

For my runs that go longer than 3 hours I’ll likely use the Workout Power Saving Mode, which turns off the celluar connection and heart rate sensor. No one will be able to reach me but I will be able to easily enable LTE and call or text someone if I need help.